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Step by step i will add some more information in this page of the site, i do not have all info about 'me , myself and i' avaiable at a snap of my fingers. But let's start with the basics.

I am René Pieter Schaap, born in The Netherlands in 1966. I was brought up by my dad to be a technician, and i became one. It even became my passion. My great mother teached me the rest :) After my years at technical schools, courses, building my own home studio's and working at some companies as electrician and engineer i found my 'thing'. I became an ENG Sound engineer at a company in Hilversum, Netherlands called Sonotech BV. After years of working in this line of business i even became a 'head senior audioengineer' on OB-vans for TV productions, the job i adore and perform till today.

After my 8 Sonotech years, i started a job within my fathers company as technician, responsible for ICT, computer-networks, intercom-systems and tv-circuits. Meanwhile i started also my own company, Connecting Media. When my father past away in the year 2002 i choose to just put my mind and my energy in Connecting media.
ConnectingMedia Connecting Media
This company Connecting Media i still have, since the start in 2001. Together with partner and Co-founder Michiel Overeem investing a huge amount of time, effort and passion into the productions we make over there. Internet just started and we had some ideas for it. We invented new things like webcasting on location, we did build our own OB-van especialy for webcasting and called it 'Internet field productionI'.. or shortened: IFP. With the internet growing our productions and amount of clients did grow also. The results is that we have a pretty stable company with some clients to be really proud of to have them.

Since 2016 we are also working in Brazil. Our crossmedia studio will make Connecting Media more strong next coming years. In combination with our base in Netherlands and the talents we have in both parts of the world, the future promises very good things for us.

Our focus lies on video productions, Livestreaming and webdevelopment, our Polderstudio, the StreamStore.
OvelhaNegra Ovelha Negra
Besides Connecting Media we have had a so called project "Ovelha Negra". It means Black Sheep in portugese. This Ovelha Negra was a little company where we create and sell our innovative ideas in our field of interest. Why? Because we have a lot of ideas and mostly forgot them over the past years. Than suddenly a company like Google start to do something similar , the Google Glass Project. Nowadays we write them down, archive them to remember and add those ideas in a company.... in Ovelha Negra. Some app ideas made it to publishing and were are very busy with Innovation & Sustainability, HomeKit Domotica , SecondScreen and SocialTV.
Ovelha Negra stopped in 2018 as a company, but we still have innovative ideas ;)
I m a busy guy, my job, companies... they are my passion. But i have also a private life to take care of. Also relaxing and spend time with my wife Adriana is very important, i learned from my dad to take care of that part. I am married with my Adriana Vieira and we lived in Socorro and partly in Santos, Brazil. Because of her i moved to Brazil and lived there for 14 years. She is a Yoga Teacher at has her own company Namaskar Yoga , she has two adult kids, Aline & Thales. And... we our own little one Schapie right now. Dora . Since 2019 we live in The Netherlands. We like to bike. We like to walk and enjoy on the beach. Watching movies. We also like to travel as much as we can.

To relax i like to drink a (very cold) beer, watching some TV-series, Documentary or a movie... mostly combined :) Listening to my music collection or gaming. I can also enjoy food a lot, and in Brazil you just can find the best of that, but also cooking it myself i can really enjoy. I start to love cooking on my BBQ… summer and winter.
I have some things that i also really like
• Being creative and gaming with my daughter
• Cats, crazy and funny!
• Beer: Dutch, Belgian and Brazilian
• A Fricandel with mayonaise (dutch snack)
• Bacardi with Cola or a Caipirinha.
• Listening, Mixing & Remixing music.
• Watch Formula 1, 24h Le-Mans, BTCC or GT races
• Watch Ice speedskating
• Cooking, often on the BBQ ................. My mother teached me the basics, thx mom!
• Gaming, RR3, Dirt or retro stuff from the Amiga & C64.
• Photographing, take a look here .
• Zuurkool met worst (dutch food)
Calabresa & Pizza René (Brasil)
• Churrascaria do Brasil
• Cars & Industrial design
• Inhouse architecture, even building furniture myself.
• Our gardens
• DIY, i ike to create, build and repair
• Apple … all of it
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Clarinha Yoga pose
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WTCC - Tom Coronel
Bacardi Cola - Cuba Libra
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Ice speed skating - Sven Kramer
Retro gaming - R Type
Apple iPhone
Formula 1 Caterham Gido van der Garde
Links about me, my work, my life
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Ilha Diana docu A documentary i made for the Curta Santos film festival with my wife.
Instagram , A collection of photo's.
Trip Advisor , A travel site in which i use often to find hotels and places.
Some links to find me:
My grandmother teached me to have at least a laugh everyday .. to enjoy the life,
so that is my simple goal for every day!