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Making video's is a big part of my daily job, the video editing part i like the most. I cannot watch the TV show TopGear/The Grand Tour , a Docu or a movie without learning new edit-tricks , titles animations or sound effects in which i will use myself in future video projects. To get the viewer as close as possible into what i want to show with the video is the layer where i start. Sound-design & Music is an important part in my video's, as being a sound-engineer i always take too much time to get that part just perfect. Besides my professional video's i also record and edit for my own video’s, video’s for Viagens e Videos and video's for my wife ( Namaskar Yoga ) … with the same passion :) I started with Apple Final Cut Pro version 1 till version 7 and since 2013 i am editing also on the new FCP. Last few years i use also CapCut and Lumafusion on my iPad and i start to experiment with Davinci Resolve. For the audio part i am a fan of Amadeus and iZoptope RX Advanced, the photoshop for audio! I am a big supporter of Pixelmator for editing graphics.
I edit with FCPX , Motion and Logic

I am proud of some Docu’s i was part of like the time i appeared in the finals of the 'Curta Santos' short-movie festival in Santos, Brazil with a documentary named 'Ilha Diana, Wo are we, And where are we' in which i made with Adriana. But also te Docu that can be found on the Dutch ‘Uitzending gemist and Amazon Prime ‘My Friend the Mayor' Check my video's in the YouTube playlist and links below.