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I like to travel.

And i am a very lucky guy because my wife likes it also. There is so much to see on this planet, why not to try to see it all. Half my family live already in other countries than Netherlands, so i think it is in my blood to like it so much. My both parents already bring me to other countries when i was very little. And i was lucky enough to get my job at Sonotech, this company put me really all over this globe to record for TV shows. Also later in my own company Connecting Media and with Multi-Link i traveled a lot thru Europe mostly. When i lived in Brazil, and i discovered incredible places.

In Brazil i have these on my hotlist:
Ouro Preto in the state Minas Gerais , Serra de Graziosa near Curitiba , the island Bonito and much much more, my list is too long.

Than USofA … Route 66, LA, Las Vegas, the Everglades, New Orleans and a Christmas in NewYork with Adriana is on the same list :) Also in Europe i want to see some special places like Northern Europe, and some nice places in Italy. Adriana has never being to Greece so that we will also visit for sure in some time.

And a long time wish of me is to visit my family and friends in Melbourne & Tasmania, Australia.

Update 16 november 2012:
After seeing and reading some things about Vietnam and Thailand also added these on my wish list ... easy to go from there to New Zealand also ;)

Update 5 october 2013:
By twitter i found some very nice places in northern Scotland, the Isle of Mull, it means i have to go back there also. And by my job as video editor a came in contact with a client from Ireland, so that can be on one trip with Scotland.

Update 10 october 2015:
Alright, after watching some video’s of Indonesia i think i must add it also to the hotlist :)

Together with my wife i even make video's about our trips sometimes, and they became even very populair, take a look on Viagens e Videos for some of our adventures.
- Viagens e Videos
- Viagens e Videos on youTube and please subscribe to our channel.
I have a lot of favourite places on this planet, find my top 10 below here: