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My first computer experience was with a Commodore VIC20, i stepped later on to the Commodore C64 and the Amiga. This last computer made me do ‘things’ with audio and video, Sound-Design, Remixing, making Music,produce interactive presentations with Scala and even video-editing. This blog article will tell some more about that journey. Something i still adore to do today, On this page i will sell some retro hardware and software from my collection, mostly connected with the audiovisual stuff. There will be also some free downloads of some Manuels i the near future. And watch my YouTube channel… lots of Retro stuff to be found there, i appreciate if you SUBSCRIBE to my channel.
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AMIGA Sticker.
From the time of Escom.

The sticker measures 8 cm x 3 cm and has a white background.
These stickers are more than 30 years old.
€ 2.50
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AMIGA Sticker.
From the time of Escom.

The sticker measures 10 cm x 3 cm and has a Transparant background.
These stickers are more than 30 years old.
€ 3.00
Megalosound Audio Sampler
made by Microdeal.

8 Bit Sampler Stereo Sampler.
It plugs into the parallel port of all Amigas except the Amiga A1000. It has sampling rates of 70 Khz mono and 39 Khz Stereo on an A500 and even 56 Khz stereo on an A1200.

Sample direct to disk at maximum of 25KHz sampling rate. It has 2 Audio phono inputs and a volume control.
Complete with the box and manuel.
€ 40.00
HAMA Easy Titler v1.1

A simple but nice video titling package for the Amiga.
This is version 1.1

Box, manuel and disk included!
Manuel is in the German language!
€ 10.00
I also sell some stuffs by Ebay and the Dutch Marktplaats:
If you like te Retro computers from Commodore and besides gaming also like Video and Audio visit my YouTube-channel regular. There you will find some nice playlists about the Amiga computer and retro audiovisual stuff, Demo’s and Games. And of course the video that i made “The Amiga on TV and in the Cinema”. If you like it, SUBSCRIBE to support me in making more retro computer video’s.