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Lemon and Lucky

Lemon and Lucky
A fairytail about Deal Extreme

As i am living in Brazil, getting my professional cables and equipment is not as easy when i lived in The Netherlands. Buying professional equipment, cables and plugs is also much more expansive because it is all import, and that means that you have to pay at least 60% tax on it.

My father teached me one 1 one import thing, he said "René .. you must pay tax …. but not too much", it's a life lesson i will never forget :) To get my stuffs i have to be smart and patient. One of the deliverers where i order a lot is Deal Extreme from China. If i keep my order below 25 euros and asked if they ship it in an envelope without logos, the Brazilian customs are not checking it. This works for plugs, cables, GoPro addons and a lot of gadgets. Even LED lightbulbs i buy there.. much cheaper than when i buy a lamp in Brazil.

Deal Extreme

In 99% of all my shippings i receive them after 1 month, 1,5 month by the local post service. But sometimes it goes wrong. At the Deal Extreme website you can communicate with them about a shipping you did not receive. Communication is fast, the next day i got an answer from… Lemon. Yes his or her name was Lemon. Lemon told me it sometimes happens and asked me to wait some weeks, so i did. After 4 weeks i contacted my new friend Lemon again, he/she gave me the same instructions again. Lemon asked me to wait some more weeks, customs need their time sometimes. Lemon know the way it seams.

After 6 more weeks i contacted Lemon. Lemon told me to go to my local post office… because they, the post office, said to Lemon it was delivered at my house, but as we know that did not happen. I went to the postoffice of Correios in Santos to get the proof that they delivered my shipping at my adress. the friendly mail-woman of the post office explained me that Correios never do this, she also do not know this Deal Extreme and this Lemon figure.

screenshot from actual communications

I contacted my new friend Lemon again. But the Deal Extreme system told me that my ticket was closed, it was overdue? I must start a new one. Damn! But ok, i made another new friend. His or her name was Lucky .. i hope she is female because … ok i think it is clear. Lucky first ask me to wait some more weeks, hey i thought, that sounds like i start all over again. And indeed, in the 3rd communication she/he asked me to go to the PostOffice too.

Correios Brasil

I did not went there again of course. I asked for a refund for Lucky because i waited for more than 4 months now without receiving a product. Than they started to be really difficult with me. Lucky asked me to wait more? I said 'for what?, i think this shipping is lost. I want my money back or send me the products again'. I also told Lucky i will write this situation down for my blog because people must know how they work. It did not help, Lucky tried to get me tired of it and giving up.

screenshot from actual communications

UnLucky for Lucky
, because that will not happen. I asked Lucky i want to speak the manager or boss because this brings us nowhere. Lucky said that she/he will talk to the manager first. A miracle happened, after 6 month my money would be transfered into a deal Extreme credit Lucky said after the talk with the manager.. than i can buy products from the website with that credit. For me that sounded reasonable and i agreed.

screenshot from actual communications

BTW.... This is what they communicated with me about the above 3 choices:

"So if you want to buy other items on DX with the refund, then we suggest saving the refund as store credit, which is the fast and easiest way for compensation. and you can use the store credit immediately and directly to order the lost items again or for other items you like in next purchase. But if you choose to refund to your Paypal, then the refund will be complicated and very long since your order was made more than 3 months ago, direct refund is not possible. We need to contact PayPal to facilitate your refund. so it will take long"

Still a little bit weird, because PayPal is easy in this, but alright i was tired of Lucky … and Lemon too.

So i learned that you have to keep your leg straight in this, do not give up. The people at DX get the order from their supervisor to try that you as a client will give up in refunding money from a lost shipping. In one way i understand that they are careful with it, but at a moment they have to choose to serve their client in stead of seeing him as a person who try to fraud. The story will continue because i ordered again at Deal extreme and you know what.. there was no way to use my store credit! I think i will get more adventures with Lucky or Lemon or some others at the Deal Extreme funny names department :)

Deal Extreme


Dora 1 Year!

There's only one name for adventure: Schapie

Dora 1 Year!
I did not have to much time for a blog post last months, busy with my company Connecting Media and a move to another city in Brazil, but that does not takes most of my time ;) Dora eats my time every day.. and it is great. People told me to be as much as possible with my child in the first years, and i did. I am lucky i work from home so it is easy to stay with Dora. My life changed, i cannot imagine my life without this little human. In one year she shows herself already in how she will be all her life.. amazing!! From day number one she likes music…. all kinds , she like to watch some tv and has a favourite show, Bubble Guppies , she screams and jumps when i put it on TV or the iPad. Maybe this series is why she likes to take a bath… she can enjoy an hour in the water if we let her.

Bubble Guppies

Dora does not like socks or shoes…. or a hat. When we put those they will be removed in minutes. The socks are all over Santos already. She likes trees and plants, one of the reasons we have a house with a garden now. And she adores cats, our Clarinha in Santos and Teo in Socorro.

Teo and Dora

Danger, she does not know what that means…. she dives into new adventures every day. She likes cables and buttons, no idea where she get this from ;) And she is very … careful with food, she just eats what she trusts. Yes.. just one year today.
Amazing how much she learned and teached us so far. To show what i mean i record all year her movements, actions and sounds and turned it into a second movie about her, enjoy.

photo made by:

Happy Birthday Dora.
I love you.

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Bubble Guppie
Namaskar Yoga
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